Part of The ‘Know How’ Series

Thinking outside the box

Why we need to warm up to be creative

Would you run a marathon if you had never run before or done any training?
We need to be creative to be successful, but we often struggle to put this into practice, with potentially serious long tern consequences. For most individuals and companies thinking ‘outside the box’ won't come easy as it requires different skills and mindset.

This pre-innovation workshop assists companies and individuals in thinking differently, to open up minds to see more possibilities and to be more creative. We look at the psychology of knowledge, how our imaginary ‘boxes’ constrain our thinking and that not everyone's boxes are the same. How we should question what we think we know. We discuss the innovation landscape, some of the new ideas of the digital age and explore some of the important lessons from Black Swans.

Freeing the mind for ideas

  • Some of the best ideas and solutions to problems pop into our consciousness when we are not even thinking about them. Have you ever wondered why this is?
  • We think we know what we know, but this might be just an illusion of knowledge. Are we missing something?
  • The famous nine dots puzzle highlights the role that psychology plays on our perceptions. So can we learn to think differently

Black Swans and Anti-fragility

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a radical philosopher. He raises some incredibly important insights into our complex world.
  • This workshop will discuss some of his ideas relating to what's really going on ‘inside’ and ‘outside the box’, and how this impacts how we might think about innovation, business and probably everything else.

Adopting an innovation framework?

  • The innovation landscape contains many different areas for innovation and ideas. Ideas generated will probably fit into a number of these, but which ideas in which areas should go forward to the next stage?
  • Some important ground rules will be necessary so as not to lose good ideas or miss out on some altogether.
  • The workshop will look at a number of different models of thinking about new ideas to aid the innovation process.

Details & Requirements

On-site workshop

  • Time

    Approximately 2h with two short breaks

  • Delivery method

    Talk, with supporting slides, exercises and Q&A

  • Facilities required

    Meeting room or conference facilities with projector

Online workshop

5 modules 15 - 20 minutes duration (launch date tbc)