Part of the Digital Detox Coach Series

Business Productivity through Digital Detox 

How to increase your productivity by up to 20%. This presentation shows how this can be achieved in 5 simple steps through a Digital Detox methodology.

Lost productivity

Distractions and addictive technology

Valuable productivity is being lost by the distractions and addictive nature of today’s interconnected digital world.

But we are all very, very busy!

The time we spend digital connected is growing

Ofcom's 2018 Communications Market Report suggests people in the U.K spend on average 24 hours per week online.

  • This is more than double that in 2011 and the majority of this time is on mobile devices.
  • On average people check their mobile phone every 12 minutes!

How digitally addicted are you?

Here are just a couple of questions we should ask ourselves, our partners, children and friends.

  • Do you get anxious if you’ve misplaced your smart phone or tablet?
  • Do you check your Emails, Social Media, blogs and Apps in bed at night before you sleep and again first thing in the morning?


On-site/Video workshop

  • Time approximately 1h 45 with two short breaks or shorter presentation version to fit 1h slot

Delivery method

  • Talk with supporting slides and Q&A
  • Plus presentation notes

On-site facilities required

  • Meeting room or conference facilities with projector.

Workshop available now

  • Request a booking via the Contacts page


  • Price confirmed on application, based on location and number of attendees.


  • Thought provoking

    Gary Clatworthy
    CEO, SCL Managed Services Ltd