Part of the ‘Big iDEA’ series

The Big iDEA workshop

An Introduction to iDEA, covering its resources, Bronze Award requirements, registering on the iDEA website, and as a group, work through one of the badges – Safe Online.

Launching your ‘Big iDEA‘ programme

Getting everyone onboard

Communication within organisations and businesses is key to the success of any initiative.

In today's digitally interconnected world, everyone will be very busy, so this workshop will help get participants onboard quickly, easily and with their first bite-sized module successfully achieved.

Removing barriers to learning

Motivation is required when acquiring new skills, knowledge and confidence in technology, particularly when it is challenging.

This workshop will also cover some of the psychological strategies to help participants keep motivated.

Focusing on the Prize

Participants can work towards achieving an industry recognised award;

  • Bronze is beginner
  • Silver is intermediate
  • Gold is advanced

A record of achievement is available at anytime and with a unique verification number on iDEA is provided so that employers and education establishments can validate your accomplishments.

Details & Requirements

  • Time

    Approximately 2 hours 15 minutes with two short breaks

  • Delivery method

    Talk, with supporting slides, on-line iDEA badge, discussion

  • Facilities required

    Meeting room or conference facilities with projector, public internet access.

  • Participant requirements

    Laptop or iPad, access to public internet for on-line access to