Part of the ‘Big iDEA’ series

Coaching for Managers

An Introduction to iDEA for managers, covering its resources, relevance and value to both organisations and individuals, including Bronze Award requirements and discussion on what badges an organisation may wish to encourage.

Keeping up with technology

iDEA is a great tool that can be used to help enhance skills and knowledge within organisations and businesses. Its online bite-sized learning modules can be accessed on any modern device, operating system or browser. It helps improve digital literacy and confidence in technology.

Continuous development

Organisations can promote key modules from the iDEA Bronze Award as part of their staff training programme. Examples could include Safe Online, GDPR, Cyber Security, Projects, Teamwork and CRM. Or you could set challenges in new areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), What is the Cloud or Big Data. New bite-sized modules are being added all the time.

A record of achievement

Participants can work towards achieving an industry recognised award;

  • Bronze is beginner
  • Silver is intermediate
  • Gold is advanced

A Record of Achievement is available anytime and with a unique verification number on iDEA so that employers and education establishments can validate your accomplishments.

Workshop details & requirements

  • Time

    Approximately 1h 30m

  • Delivery Method

    Talk, with supporting slides and on-line tour of the iDEA web site, discussion

  • Facilities Required

    Meeting room or conference facilities with projector, public internet for online access to