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Not all media is the same. You might think that the more media you consume the better informed about the world you would be, but you would be wrong! The internet is a great information, communication and entertainment tool, but when it really matters, as in the present moment, we should only use trusted media sources and limit the amount of time to that necessary to understand the important information, perhaps once in the morning, and once in the evening. These are stressful and worrying times and it’s too easy to get lost in our Smartphones, using them as a ‘comfort blanket’, however this may cause harm to our health & wellbeing. The media we consume impacts how we think, feel and behave. It amplifies our fears, uncertainties and doubts by reinforcing negative messages with opinions, partial and inaccurate news. We may find it harder to focus and pay attention as our minds cannot seem to relax. We may also imagine multiple negative future scenarios. Everyone’s circumstances will be different, however since our minds, bodies and senses are interconnected, practicing yoga @mumaste_yoga_wellbeing and spending time in nature may assist in calming our minds. It’s impossible to predict the future, particularly at the present time, so it may also help to focus on the things and behaviours that are under our direct control, rather than be overwhelmed by the magnitude of external events. Finally, we should remember that the ‘butterfly effect’ of all our small steps and actions can lead to significant changes for the better, and for everyone. So, this week’s Digital Detox training session is to help settle our minds. 1. Smart phones switched to silent and put out of sight. 2. Allocate certain times of your day for important information updates. by visiting trusted media sites, such as the WHO, and in the UK, the BBC and NHS. But avoid being distracted by setting a time limit. 3. Set aside time for practicing yoga, exercise or spending time immersed in nature. 4. Notice, that by focussing on the things we can control, helps us to feel more relaxed.

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